Guest blogger: milhouse513

I’ve been dodging the blog for a while. Email complaints have been overwhelming. In place of mrchair, I am cutting and pasting posts from milhouse513, whom you may know from such hits as “Rant#1: Bitch.” Turns out he isn’t in high school, but college. And his wacky lovelife gets more and more compelling, described with the subtlety, humor and grace that we’ve all come to know as “milhouse513.”


Okay, so after thinking about how to secretly put information in here so someone doesn’t know what I’m saying, I’ve decided to give up. For reasons of privacy, she will be referred to as “Melissa”, at least for now. OKay, so here it is, I like Melissa, I like her a lot! She’s a great person to talk too, likes coffee (although heavily modified), and is very passionate about what she wants to do with her life. Physically, she’s hot! I’ve always found her attractive, but after talking, I’ve come to the conclusion that she goes for most, if not every turn-on for me…I like the way her lips taste, the softness of her skin, the way she breathes in when I kiss the base of her neck. I like the way she teases me and seduces me–although I would *hardly* call it seducing since I go willingly…She…I don’t know how to totally say it, she REALLY turns me on! I like how warm she is. I want to fuck her… She’s been racing through my mind for some time now and if her naked body looks anything remotely to how I’ve pictured her, she’s definately a hottie! Yes, “Melissa”, here it is, the complete and total truth…I want you 🙂 I want to fuck you! And I’m glad you feel the same.

Having said that, let me conclude with:

Sweet dreams.

Don’t let the bed bugs bite.

night. 🙂

Milhouse513 (Robert)

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