Stupid Powell’s lady

Powell’s City of Books issues these cards for gifts and when you sell books for credit. My sister bought me one for my birthday, and when I went to spend it today, the cashier – and old lady with stupid hair – told me there was $8.55 on it instead of the expected $25. She asked if maybe I had two cards. I said, yes, I have had credit on another card, but it’s with my girlfriend and the card is in her name. We don’t issue cards by name (how the hell do I know?), she sneered suspiciously, and called over a manager.

“Tell him your story,” she told me, like I was trying to rip her off. I looked at her in shock and when I explained what happened to the manager, he discovered that she double charged me and didn’t notice. It took her about 5 minutes to sort it all out and she apologized like three times for taking so long. I don’t care about the time, it was her accusatory attitude. I’ve applied for two jobs at Powells. This old bitch can’t work a cash register or computer, and treats customers like shit. And I have a degree in English for god’s sake. Sometimes there’s no justice. I still love Powells.

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