The Donald

I’m so fucking sick of hearing about Donald Trump and his nauseating show. The overall amusing thing about the flurry of celebrity surrounding a real estate mogul (I’m sorry, but “you’re fired” isn’t a catch phrase) is that the billionaire by most accounts isn’t much of a business man. His only public holding (Taj Mahal) has dropped from $35 a share to $2.23 since 1996. His shareholders get screwed as he boasted on national TV about his huge cash flow. Recently upsetting was his appearance on Howard Stern, where he was pressed to take a stand politically. Trump said the war in Iraq is a tremendous error, expressed his outrage at the FCC crackdown on “obscenity,” but that he’s undecided because of his own tax rate. Trump is the perfect example of the kind of person who is hijacking the country. Despite his hangups with that little war going on, you can bet he’d put Bush back in office if it meant hanging on to a little more of his tremendous wealth.

You’re fired

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