Eisner Award Nominees!

The Eisners are cool because they not only pick comics I like, unlike Wizard’s awards (see below), but they name drop the god of modern comics, Will Eisner. And it’s fun to predict for humongous geeks like me, who don’t feel like doing their taxes yet (tick, tick, tick).

My picks first, then my predictions:

Best single issue

Global Frequency by Warren Ellis should win. The Goon by Eric Powell will.

Best serialized story

Queen and Country should, Daredevil: Hardcore will.

Best ongoing

100 Bullets or Queen and Country should, Daredevil will.

Best limited

Global Frequency should and will

Best new series

Sleeper should and will, with El Cazador the dark horse possibility

Best anthology

Sandman: Endless Nights should and will.

Best graphic album

Blankets should and will (maybe The Fixer?)

Best writer

Almost impossible to pick. I’m torn between Ed Brubaker and Warren Ellis. I bet overrated industry darling Brian Michael Bendis will win though, and I won’t be outraged.

Best writer/artist

Blankets’ Craig Thompson

Best penciler/inker

Alex Maleev for Daredevil should, Jim Lee will

Best cover artist

James Jean for Fables (amazing!)

Talent deserving of wider recognition

Jeff Parker for Interman

In my totally non-expert opinion, the whole list of nominees is pretty awesome. Books with Warren Ellis cleaned up. Local props to Portlanders Craig Thompson, Greg Rucka and Brian Michael Bendis for multiple nominations each. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go play Dungeons and Dragons and watch Japanese cartoons while listening to They Might Be Giants.


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