The president’s mastery of foreign policy

American soldiers are in the bloodiest battle since “major combat” ended, fighting across Iraq against two separate uprisings of Sunnis and Muslim Shiites. Twelve more bodies have been thrown on the pile. The country is afraid, angry and confused and this is the consolation we get:

“There are terrorists there who would rather kill innocent people than allow for the advance of freedom. That’s what you’re seeing going on. These people hate freedom. And we love freedom. And that’s where the clash occurs.”

Oh that’s all. I was clearly getting an overcomplicated picture of the situation by reading the news. The president, who by the way says he doesn’t read the newspaper, has a firm grasp on the situation: we love freedom, they hate freedom, clash ensues. It’s so simple. No wonder he can rest easy on his Texas ranch until Sunday while military officials grapple with whether they should call up more troops, which would likely mean more reservists. Do you think his mind really works this way?

Jon Stewart was on Franken today, and pointed out that the president talks to the public like a parent talks to a little kid. All of his press conferences should end with, ‘now run along kids.’ Today’s comment is a perfect example.

Stewart was great today. He said people misunderstand Bush as being stupid. “Bush isn’t stupid, stupid is, ‘Oh my god, I ate soap!'” And that the mainstream media are like a pack of six year olds playing soccer. And how Bush is a good leader in the same way that George Clooney was a good leader in “The Perfect Storm.” He was just running circles around everyone and Al Franken was loving it.

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