Why comics suck

Are the writers at Wizard so stupid that they really think the only must-read comics are 1. Superhero-related and 2. Produced by only Marvel and DC? This is a really good example of an industry’s critics being bought and sold by the mainstream. My guess: Marvel and DC shower Wizard’s editors and writers with free comics galore, press junkets (comic cons and invitations to hob-nob with their favorite artists and such) and basically feed into all of their fanboy obsessions. The result is a magazine run by co-opted fans instead of critics, who swallow whatever garbage the big two shovel at them every month. I’m being a little hard on Wizard here. It’s not a terrible publication, but it definitely is obsessed with the tights and cape genre that crushes most original comic book creators and independent innovators.


some good ones

one of the best

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