God save us

from your idiot followers. I can’t rant enough about Mel Gibson and his presentation of historically flawed gospel as fact. This is a movie that graphically depicts the drawn out death of Jesus while completely omitting the philosophy that made him great, magnifies one verse in one of several gospels to depict Jews as cackling demonic murderers, and in which the director casts himself as a Roman hand nailing the savior to the cross. This is insane! And to top it all off, Mel Gibson is a Holocaust revisionist! And the movie is the box office king two weeks in a row! What the hell is going on in this country? Are we a nation of fundamentalist biggots? Frank Rich pokes some holes in Gibson’s fanatical ark in this funny and maddening article from the Sunday Times.

All we can hope is that, like in the late-1960s, the counterculture will rise up in a backlash to this chokehold the religious right has put on America. And boy is the music going to be cool!

Mad Max

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