Pile of orange post-its

In the spirit of my generation’s digitizing everything organic for convenience and exchange, I’m going to blog a pile of orange post-its that I dug out of my man-purse. Most of these are random things that hit me during work, while listening to the radio or books on tape. Hopefully by storing this stuff online I’ll follow up on it later. Now if I can just remember why I wrote it all down…

‘Unearthed’ (the new Johnny Cash box set of the recordings he did with Rick Rubin)

–“Adventures of a Suburban Boy,” John Boorman. (I think this is a memoir of the director. I heard this is supposed to be an outstanding read)

NFL Show cancelled sports/journalism/enter. (I think I was pissed off that sports journalism panders to the leagues and reduces athletics to pop entertainment with cheap music acts like the Super Bowl halftime show. The NFL show in question is that stupid playmakers, which ESPN cancelled when the league didn’t like the gritty portrayal of athletes.

–Condor Years John Dingus (A reporter wrote a book about the United States knowledge and backing of horrifying covert operations conducted by the “condor” alliance of seven Latin countries, including an assasination on American soil.

–Long Wongs Rosa’s (Two restaurants in Phoenix I wanted to visit during a weekend trip. I made it to only one of them.

–Project X Jim Shepherd (no idea. I’ll have to look it up and get back to it)

–Tortoise – Disco Biscuits Two bands recommended by co-workers. Tortoise is awesome, somewhat like Calexico from Tucson. Haven’t heard Disco Biscuits yet.

–French neo-realists -Gano produced -Byrne compilation -Louise Attacks If I remember right, this is a new wave of music in France that is really popular. I think it’s a revival of French traditional folk music. I remember that Gordon Gano and David Byrne are heavily into it, even producing some bands.

To make this not quite so masturbatory, I’ll come back to this list and link some of this stuff after looking it up.

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