Put ’em away

For those snobbiest of snobby liberals who claims to value democracy the most, yet have an overwhelming confidence that everything they believe must be true and rule the land, take into consideration a comment from an Oregon community radio host.

(paraphrase) “I know we all have our ideologies… I’m a liberal, she’s a vegan, he’s a socialist … but it’s time to put our ideologies away, tuck them inside and know that they’re there, but consider ourselves Democrats.”

Presidential elections are designed to weed out extremists and dogmatists and mellow out with a head of country that doesn’t stand for a whole lot, but that we can all tolerate. Bush is certainly not that. He snuck in like Nixon did and we gots to get his ass out. That’s what the upcoming election is for, and that’s why Dean and his cool-kids club of supporters were a stupid cause. To quote Catfish, “who actually wants a valid candidate?” Take the Deaniac passion and save it for other avenues of democracy. Meanwhile, join the party and maybe we can undo the damage and get the country back to where it was in the 1970s. Then we’ll worry about progress.

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