From “The Invisibles”

by Grant Morrison

“Truth speaks best in the language of poetry and symbolism.”

“People look at us and see the poor and the mad, but they’re looking at us through the bars of their cages. There’s a palace in your head, boy. Learn to live in it always.”

“As poets, it is our duty to turn our faces from the mire, to look up and tell our fellow men that we have seen a better world than this.”

“Where is the love, beauty, and truth we seek but in our mind? The golden country, forever new? The home of all hearts, untouched by time and pain.”

“But we will give them pause. Yes indeed. We will drown them in their own unacknowledged fears and desires.”

It doesn’t get much better than this comic book, in terms of the medium as adult peripheral fiction. In visuals, story and theme, The Invisibles proves that graphic genre fiction brings subversive, smart insight that’s all but lacking in other “serious” artforms. The average literary type may scoff at a comic book today, but the next generation will be studying Morrison in graduate school like we studied Raymond Chandler and other trash writers of their times.

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